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Aqua Line

Aqua™ is our quick drying water based formula that is great for sensitive skin.

Velvet Line

Velvet ™ is specially formulated with a glycerin base to leave clients with beautiful, vibrant, and long lasting color!


The Forever Series

The Forever Series pigments line is an incredible and highly concentrated  line that safely produces long lasting shades that are elegant, classic, and natural appearing.


Micro-Edge™ is a highly concentrated version of selective Organic & Inorganic colorants made exclusively for Microblading procedures.


The LI Scalp® Pigment Series is a highly concentrated version of selective organic & inorganic hair scalp colorants made exclusive for hair scalp procedures.

Micro Colors

Formulated in 1992, The Micro-Colors line has provided an outstanding color selection, highly concentrated to minimise touch-ups, leaving clients with beautiful color with proven results that last.


Hybrid Pigment Line


Nada El-Hoss


Artist Signature Series  Zsuzsanna Berenyi

Loaded Line

Loaded is a revolutionary organic eyebrow pigment line. This water based formulation is highly concentrated for a smooth consistency, suited for all skin types & techniques.

LI-FT™ is our pigment lightening solution that safely facilitates the removal of unwanted pigment from the face and small areas of the body.



Artist Signature Series  Will Anthony®

Soft-FX is our pigment dilution solution used to dilute the intensity of your pigments in order to achieve that soft, powdery effect.


Glycerin is a Vegan/Kosher additive that will keep pigments wet longer throughout your procedure with just a few drops.


Infinity Healing Balm is our powerful healing ointment used for all cosmetic tattoo procedures. The Healing Balm is formulated to absorb into the skin to moisten, sooth, and better heal your procedures.

Infinity Healing Balm

Infinity Tea Tree Toner is Continuous Care gentle cleansing product great for all skin types.

Tea Tree Toner


Color Identification Chart ( CIC ) & Pigment Product Guide ( PPG )


Who We Are

Committed to safety, quality, and cost efficiency.

Li Pigments is a State licensed Certified Cosmetic Establishment certified for micropigmentation for permanent cosmetics, tattooing, and traditional cosmetics.

LI Pigments adheres to United States (US) Cosmetic Guidelines &
European Union (EU) Regulations.

Li Pigments tests for over 93 different substances and compounds as it relates to Certification within the EU.

Our modern processing equipment and strict production controls
allow us to recreate exact shades every time...

Our goal is to provide unparalleled customer service and technical support with an emphasis on safety, quality and cost efficiency.


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13, Rue Du Bailli Brussels Belgium 1000

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